Driver Category C/Class 2

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We are looking for drivers for our new Reading branch.

Main Purpose of the Job:

• To provide the Company with professional driving services to meet the service demands of the business.

• To assist in loading and unloading vehicles when required ensuring that all loads conform to transport regulations and the loads are safely secured, strapped and warning signs are displayed if appropriate.

• To carry out all relevant activities safely, whilst observing Company policies & procedures and current road transport legislation including all aspects of tachographs and EU regulations.

Key Responsibilities:

• To ensure all customers in the yard area, adhere to company policies and procedures. All customers are dealt with in a polite, courteous, and effective manner, promoting the company’s products and services to customers.

• Responsible for ensuring that all stock movements are accurately and correctly documented in accordance with company policy and procedures with particular attention to note down any defects or damages and make sure that this equipment is labelled and placed in the appropriately designated area.

• Ensure that load lists have any alterations highlighted and brought to the attention of the administration team.

• Load and unload vehicles promptly within the confines of safety, ensuring only serviceable equipment is loaded.

• Use any safety equipment issued to you in the correct manner and for the correct purpose.

• All FLT operators must be satisfied that their forklift is safe to operate and free from defects.

• Daily or pre-shift checks must be completed. Any defects should be recorded and reported immediately to the Branch office.

• PPE, there is a minimum level of PPE that should always be worn, Safety Boots, Hi-Vis vest and Gloves. When operating machinery such as saws then eye protection and ear defenders must be worn in addition as described in local risk assessments.

• When driving ensure that all documentation requiring customer signature as proof of delivery or collection are signed by the customer and relevant copies distributed.

• When driving carry out daily vehicle and auxiliary equipment maintenance checks prior to operation of any vehicle. Ensure driver wears gloves clean interior, steering wheel, hand brake gear lever and door handles inside and out with anti-bac wipes and spray. Wash hands with soap and water. Report any defects immediately before departing the branch.

• On return to your base report to the transport office for a full debrief.

• To ensure that communications are made in relation to any unforeseen delays at the first possible safe convenience by means of mobile phone.

• Undertake a driving skills assessment annually or at any other time as requested.

• Ensure that daily run sheets are fully, accurately, and legibly completed daily.

• Where a Company uniform and personal protective equipment has been issued, they must always be worn when on duty.

• Ensure that all equipment is painted in company Security paint if the materials are intended for hire use and any labels or on hire stickers are positioned on the equipment.

• Under no circumstances operate any machinery including forklift trucks, lorry mounted cranes and slings unless you have been trained and are in possession of a certificate of competence to operate these machines.

• Ensure that Returns on either Altrad UK transport or customers transport, have tags fixed to them along with the customer’s name, date, and collection note number. Yard Checker Sheets to be completed in a neat tidy and legible manner. All Damages are to be clearly marked on the paperwork, and photo’s taken of the damaged equipment.

• When driving contributes to the safety of all road users by maintaining proper and effective vehicle control, whilst promoting road safety.

• Responsible for ensuring the company Health and Safety policies and Government Legislation is effectively implemented in areas where you work and that any other employees or persons entering your area of work is aware of the safety regulations applicable to the branch and workplace.

• Carry out specific projects or other duties as requested by management from time to time and effectively implement company policies and procedures.

• Read and comply with instructions and directions as communicated via branch signs, notice boards and memoranda.

• Under the Health and Safety at work act, you have a personal responsibility to work in a safe manner to protect your own safety and that of others.

• All duties and tasks outlined above are not intended to be exhaustive and other duties may be required from time to time.

Limits of Authority:

Personnel: No authority to appoint, discipline or dismiss employees.

Financial: No authority to spend or commit the company to spend.

Operational: No authority to alter agreed operating procedures and policies.

Security: Authority and responsibility to challenge and ascertain reasons for the presence of unauthorised persons on site.

Uniform: Company uniform must be worn at all times.

All company and branch businesses are to be treated in the strictest confidence and not be disclosed to persons outside the branch or company.

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