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Generation Stair Tower Training

The aim of the training is to provide candidates with the necessary information in the safe assembly, use, alteration and dismantling of the Generation Stair Tower.

At the end of the instruction the candidates will be able to:
Have an understanding of the statutory regulations.
Identify and quantify components.
Erect and dismantle the Generation Stair Tower
Inspect a Generation Stair Tower

Course Content:
Health & Safety legislation & regulations
What is a Generation Stair Tower
Generation Stair Tower components
Estimating quantities
Understanding drawings
Generation Stair Tower erection, alteration, and dismantling exercises
Inspection report procedure
Manufactures Instruction Manual
Multi choice test paper

As the instruction is carried out on site, the client’s site regulations/requirements must be adhered to. PPE must be worn at all times throughout the instruction

Duration: 1

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