IPAF Harness Course

Duration: 1/2 Day


As the assembly and use of MEWPs can be physically demanding, users should be physically fit and in good health and sould, generally, not have problems with eyesight or hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, fear of heights/vertigo, giddiness/difficulty with balance, impaired limb function, alcohol or drug dependence or psychiatric illness.

If you have any problems with literacy or language comprehension or have any doubts about your fitness to use MEWPs, you must bring them to the attention of your employer. This need not preclude you from using MEWPs, provided your employer conducts an assessment and is able to put into place adequate measures to take account of any difficulties you may have.


To instruct a user to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely when using a MEWP. 

Understand the relevant Health and Safety Regulations, Guidance and Standards.

Be able to identify and select the correct form of Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) against falls from height when working from a MEWP.

Understand how to check use, maintain and store a harness and lanyard.

Be able to fit and adjust a harness and lanyard.


Legislation, standards and guidance

Hierarchy of fall protection measures

IPF harness statement

Harness, Lanyard and fitting

Pre-use checks (including practical)

usage and anchor points

Inspection and safe use

performing the task safely

storage and maintenance

Hazards and Precautions

Rescue plan


Delegates successfully completing the course will have the Harness (H) category added to their Powered Access Licence (PAL) - valid for 5 years.  Those who don't have a current IPAF Operator Licence (PAL) card will be awarded a certificate only.

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