Mammoth Manhole Brace

Mammoth Brace is a modular system engineered with unique features to maintain excavation integrity, allow on-site flexibility and save time and money on site while meeting your
design needs. Most importantly, it provides a safe working environment for excavation workers.

The Mammoth Manhole Brace is:
• The strongest brace available in the UK*, up to 25m2
• Easy to install
• Versatile on site
• Time and money saving



Goods can be picked up from the nearest convenient location or delivered by our fleet. Prices are on application and tiered based on the distance and order volume between the branch the goods are transported from and the delivery site:

  • 1-10 Miles
  • 11-25 Miles
  • 26-40 Miles
  • 40 Miles+

Technical Information

Easy, Fast Assembly
1.5m, 3m, 4.5m and 6m modules, Mammoth fits together with a selfaligning full shear capacity & moment joint, secured with one pin, and can be fitted in any order. This simple, easy
requires minimal training, saving time on module layout and applying torque.

Reduced Deflection
Mammoth has been engineered to maintain excavation integrity, with a double steel beam design able to
achieve up to 50% less deflection* for a given load.

Reduced Weight
In addition, the brace is up to 30% lighter* than others on the market. Smaller machines can be used on site and the weight saving means that carriage costs are

Increased Load Capacity
The Mammoth 800kN hydraulic ower unit has up to 20% more load capacity* than other systems, so it can support a greater span in poor ground conditions.

Over-Dig Allowance
Mammoth’s hydraulic unit also extends up to 1.7m, allowing an overall overlap of up to 200mm. This means that if over-digging occurs, the hydraulic unit can extend 200mm to cover the gap between modules, creating dig flexibility and convenience on site.

Safe Cross Bracing
Cross brace connection points have been designed into the modules. This allows a positive connection between the module and the cross brace, preventing cross brace slippage and ensuring a safe working environment.