TRAX Bracket

The purpose of the TRAX bracket is to provide a cost effective, quick and efficient method for rolling out beam assemblies, gantries or temporary roofs.

TRAX brackets are designed to be used with either 3.2mm or 4mm scaffold tube and can be screwed to a 225mm width scaffold boards using 8/10mmx40 coach screws, timber screws with washers or similar, they may also be secured to concrete, plywood or other load bearing platform.

The following spacing’s are recommended:-

For horizontal gantries, beam assemblies and roofs. 3m c/c
For sloping structures i.e. temporary roofs 2m c/c

Before assembly it is necessary for the load bearing capacity of the platform supporting the TRAX brackets and tube to be verified.

If horizontal loads are expected boards should restrained by means of board clamps or similar and all TRAX bracket fixings should again be verified.

The TRAX brackets and tube together form a runway system using the rolling roof wheels, this system does not provide any uplift up capability and therefore must NOT been used to move any sheeted temporary roofs or structures which may be affected by uplift of wind. Once in position roofs should be tied down to an appropriate system of bracing.

No stop end plates are provided so tube butts or band and plate fittings should be provided to stop the mobile structure from rolling too far.


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