Aluminium and Steel Beams

Generation supply a large range of Aluminium Beams for hire and sale to suit all customer requirements and applications. Beams are used largely in connection with all types of scaffolding, to provide openings and bridges within a structure, to spread the load through the scaffold. They can be used in suspended and mobile platforms, birdcages, crash decks, large span bridging, temporary roofing and any structure where load is spread to achieve access where conventional scaffolding cannot meet the needs from the ground.

To consider the use of beams the contractor must always take into account the strength of the beam in its application, the span, anticipated load, its permissible strength and compatibility. Not all Beams are the same and it is essential that in considering an application the highest possible strength is obtained. All Generation Beams are rated as permissible loadings giving both Shear and Bending Moment values. This is useful information for temporary works designers who must be involved in any temporary works structure.

As one of the largest scaffold equipment suppliers in the construction industry, Generation are always looking for new and innovative products to keep up with changes in the market and legislation. As a result we are proud to introduce a new selection of aluminium and steel beams to our existing range:

Astrix 750 Beam which is fully compatible with the X-Beam and Diamond Beam
D78 Beam High strength, low weight and maximum versatility