UNI-Roof Temporary Roofing System

Generation UNI Roof always exceeds our client’s expectations; with its cost effectiveness, compatibility, versatility, safe and quick erection times; as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Demonstrating why the Generation UNI Roof is the best solution in temporary roofing on the market.

The UNI-Roof Roofing System is designed for use on short to medium term temporary roofing contracts during which it will be exposed to mild or moderate weather conditions. Using a custom made range of aluminium unit beams the roof can be erected in either mono or duo pitch configurations. If required, the system covering can be used on any type of beam.

“With minimal and lightweight components the erection time far exceeded our expectations. We estimated that a temporary roof project of this magnitude constructed in traditional roof materials would have taken 90 days. We managed to complete the structures 30 days ahead of schedule”